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At the VS Gaming's Dota 2 finals, where xTc reached a peak we'd been working towards for many years - we placed 2nd at the Grand Finals. An achievement I'm most proud of and will cherish forever. However, even with this high achievement, we found outselves in an awkward spot. We already knew before the VS Gaming event that 2 of the members would be leaving to join other teams. This was not a problem and we had a few plans in motion to replace those players. But then suddenly, 3 long time standing members from our CS:GO Masters team decided to leave xTc too. Shortly after this, the plans we had to rebuild the Dota 2 team fell through and the remaining 3 members decided to leave too. We were devastated, in a state of shock and for the first time in a very long time - xTc was in big trouble.

It took a while, but we managed to rebuild the CS:GO team - see the official announcement here. We were incredibly lucky to get an amazing established team to form the new Dota 2 team - see announcement here. We felt that with all the changes of late, we needed a new clean slate. What better way to do that, than to introduce some new and improved branding. I give you - xTc eSports!

Apart from the team changes, other reasons include: "Gaming" is a fairly common word used to describe many forms of games and/or gaming, such as computer games, board games, casino games, poker games and gambling. While these are all fitting, we feel its necessary to be specific.

After researching Esports, E-sports, eSports, we settled on Esports.. this helped in that regard:


The best part, is the rebranding of all the social media and a retake on the logo. Here are some samples of what we've been up to:

xTc eSports Logo

XTC BothElements White2

XTC BothElements Black2

Cracked XTC Logo2

Facebook background

Facebook banner africa

Twitter backgrounds





Steam profiles

Steam UndacuvA

Tournament shirt

xTc eSports Tournament Shirt Mockup Black

xTc eSports Tournament Shirt Mockup White


For all event organisers and fans alike, please download our logo pack here.


We're extremely excited to hear your thoughts and look forward to showing off our new skin both on and off the battlegrounds!




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