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Introducing For The Dream, a Dota 2 team founded by Teodor “RipInc” Nel in 2014. The name may sound familiar to you, and for good reason. If not, don’t fret, we’ll explain it to you shortly. For now, let’s get back to the history of RipInc’s team.

“FTD was started in 2014 by RipInc as a mostly casual team. However, by mid-2015, there was a decision to be more competitive, and a substantial roster change took place. Following this change the team began to see success, climbing to prem division of DGL from open division, qualifying for DGC and finishing 5th/6th at DGC.”

Not a bad run of form for a team that started out as a casual outfit, right? FTD is a small team that decided to turn on the gas and burn some fools, and it all comes back to that enigmatic name of theirs. So, let’s chat about it a bit.

“The name “For The Dream” is based on the old Chinese Warcraft 3 DotA team by the same name, led by Gong “ZSMJ” Jian. They realised their namesake (The Dream) by winning SMM 2009, and dominated the Chinese scene in 2010, eventually becoming LGD. Our team wishes to replicate this same success on South African soil.”

That’s an unbelievably powerful motivation behind a name choice. And scarily appropriate, too. Within the last couple of weeks, our local heroes FTD have seen the same fortune the old Chinese FTD saw. They showed up in fine form to come second in the Dota 2 DGL Preseason Cup, losing only to the formidable eN.eVo in the finals.

Shortly after their silver medal performance, the team was signed by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a very well-established local competitive MGO founded way back in 1999. They are now officially known as xTc-For The Dream.

“We are ecstatic to have been picked up by xTc, and for many of us this is proof that what we’re working towards is worthwhile. It not only shows that hard work and practice can pay off, but also demonstrates that competitive gaming can actually be more than just a hobby – something many of us have only dreamed of. We are extremely grateful to xTc for giving us this opportunity and are committed to proving that they made the correct decision in signing us.”

Well done, lads, well done. But the work doesn’t stop there, and the team knows this all too well. Along with their marriage to xTc comes the opportunity to play against the big guns in South African Dota in the inaugural DGL Masters, featuring massive exposure and a handsome prize pool.

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