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Na'Vi was crowned Champions today when they defeated The Sandwich Monkey 3 - 2 in a best of 5 in the EU ETS CUP #4. This was a huge win for Na'Vi as they will now enter the Katowice Spring Regional as one of the favourites! Na'Vi also walked away with a $6000.00 prize which should make their HOTS team very happy indeed.

Na'Vi went through the tournament without dropping a single series which is incredibly impressive and will definately boost the teams confidence. TSaM however played extremely well after being knocked into the losers bracket early by Na'Vi and managed to make a comeback beating Virtus Pro, Fnatic and Team Liquid. 

The final best of 5 with Na'Vi vs TSaM was intense and ended up 2 - 2 each with the final game to be played. Na'Vi however showed their dominance in the 5th round and completely destroyed the TSaM team with an outstanding 23 kills to 2 deaths. Fantastic play by Na'Vi showing just why they are one of the top competitive teams in the world.

The Sandwich Monkeys didnt walk away empty handed and smiles with a $3500 prize and knowing they gave Na'Vi a good run for their money and opened the major players in the games eyes just to how well they can perform in a competitive enviroment. Look out for TSaM in future comps!

Below is the tournament bracket:


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