Friday, 17 November 2017 08:35

xTc.Dota 2 comes to an end.. for now

xTc.Dota 2 has had many ups and downs this year. We achieved 2nd place in our last 3 LAN events which was an incredible achievement. Most notably, finishing off the year with the 2nd place at the VS Gaming Masters Finals hosted in Cape Town. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to two great teams from then till now and have been forced to re-evaluate our position.

The team decided to take up an opportunity they felt they could not refuse and we wish them the very best in their new venture. For us however, we've decided that for the time being we're not going to pursue a replacement team.

Quite honestly, we would like to take some time and appreciate what we've achieved this year.

We will most certainly bounce back in the new year, however we would like to take appropriate time to look for our next team, to ensure their alignments are with ours going forward.

We appreciate the community and our fans for all the support and love! Watch this space, we are not leaving, we are merely hiding out for a while ?

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