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XTC acquires Rain DOTA 2: the rain is coming!

XTC has been on the lookout for a DOTA 2 team since late 2013 to represent us in the DGL. Time has sure flown since then and we are now sitting with the summer leg of the2014 season already behind us and still we did not find a suitable team. The saying “all good things come to those that wait” is surely true in this case as after many months of searching, XTC has managed to acquire a top quality DOTA 2 team in the form of Team Rain.

Rain needs no introduction in the SA DOTA2 scene having earned a Premier position placing in last years Do Gaming league and also a top 8 finish at the Do Gaming Championships 2013. The team comprises of 5 members and is captained by JC ‘756’ Cloete. Rain currently sits in the First division after a whopping 12 – 0 win streak in the open division.

XTC caught up with JC for a short interview so that we might all get to know him and his team a little better.

Q: Hello JC, please introduce yourself to everyone and what got you started in competitive gaming.

A: We started in 2012 as a group of friends that just wanted to play some Captains Mode games. Got thrashed multiple times by good teams way back then. We steadily kept improving however and have had minimal roster changes, keeping the same core players around for quite a while. We play because we love the game and because we enjoy constantly improving the way we play it.

Q: Im sure everyone is asking how you came upon the nick ‘756’. Would you mind explaining it to us?

A: Strange story. I was busy playing League of Legends one day and decided to own some noobs. I got some advice from a good friend and fellow teammate “Commander Sven” on how to play the game. He suggested I smash my face on the keyboard as soon as a team fight commenced as it has worked out well for him in passed games. I employed this technique into my arsenal of gameplay immediately and was met with overwhelming success. Multiple Penta and Quadra kills followed. I then decided to choose a nickname for dota using a similar technique. This time however I directed my forehead to the numpad. After a good thrashing of my head I looked up to find the numbers “756” entered into steam.

Q: Tell us a little about your team, what brought you all together and some of your greatest achievements.

A: As I said before most of us have been playing together since 2012. Initial members were comprised out of myself, “Lighten” and “Smets”. Early in 2013 “Commander Sven” joined us and at the start of this year we added “ValpraX”. We participated in many small cups such as the Sunday evening cup, multiple DGL cups as well as the main DGL event last year. This year we are focusing on playing in as many events as possible. In addition to the DGL we are competing in the Join Dota League and Orena tournaments. Recently we were also invited to participate in the ZADraft tournament. This tournament is based on an idea from “Hari”, a well-known caster in the South African scene, where teams draft a set of heroes and have to play the competition using only those heroes. This is very interesting format and something different for the fans to watch. I also believe the team has never been as strong as it is now and that we can yet achieve much more in the coming year.

Q: What are the roles of the members in the team in terms of DOTA 2.

A:       “Lighten”- offlaner and general playmaker, runs a lot of the game through his movement and fight picking abilities.

          “Commander Sven” – midlaner, hits a lot of creeps, often dies to 3 man ganks between 0 and 1 minute into the game,      kappa.

“Smets” – potato support, well he plays support heroes, then farms a lot, too much, okay he is pretty much a 4th core, I  think.

“ValpraX” – carry, this man has some strong shoulders. Many anchors have been pulled around. In general he just trolls though, be on the   lookout for rapiers and multiple instances of phase boots.

“756” – ward bitch, scolding toy, feeder, dirt poor and sometimes in-game leader. Mostly the first four though.

Q: As Rain’s captain, what in your opinion makes you a good leader?

A: I don’t think I am a good leader. I have so much to improve on in regards to communication and drafting. I think understanding your team and the way they play is something I have been paying increased amounts of attention to. The best pick or move is not necessarily the best move for your team. In general dota captains tend to draft picks and attempt to execute strategies that don’t play into the strengths of your players. It seems like a fairly simple idea but often times picking a slightly worse strategy that fits the feel of your team is way better than picking the best strategy that puts your players into an uncomfortable position.

Q: XTC.Rain has a nice ring to it, what brought about Rain wanting to join up with a MGO like XTC?

A: It does sound cool. In previous years we were able to attend competitions and events such as rAge because the entire team stayed close to the JHB region. After the addition of ValpraX we were faced with the issue of him staying in CPT. Ever since his acquisition we have silently been looking to join an MGO that could help us improve our public image and get us to rAge as we really want to compete there. The leaders and managers of xTc have the same vision and share the same ideas we have for the team. It seemed like a natural fit and so far we are very happy with our decision.

Q: Group A of the first division is going to be a tough one with teams such as DC, IM and BzK in the group. How do you think you will fair and who do you see as your main threat in the group?

A: The group is in my opinion one of the tougher groups in first division. However we are always happy to play good teams as that is the only way you truly improve at a rapid pace. I have the confidence that we will be able to perform well and take the group victory. I believe IM Blacklight will be the toughest contender in the group.

Q: The premier division for the winter league seems quite tough, who do you think will top the log and why?

A: I doubt we will see much change in the top position. BVD Emo is a very strong team and it will take some doing to topple them from their well-earned throne. Lib FOJ, BVD Blue and Energy all have a good shot at taking the 2nd spot and maybe causing an upset by beating BVD Emo, but I truly doubt anyone else will take the division title.

Q: There has been much talk about only the top 8 teams going to the DGC this year. Do you think Rain stands a chance to be in the Top8 and why?

A: We absolutely stand a chance to be in the Top8. We are confident in our style of play and individual skill and will keep improving up until DGC and beyond. I am rather certain of the fact that we can hang with most of the top teams as we have already shown in past events and games.

Thank you for the interview and from all of us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we would like to give you and your team a huge welcome and hope that you enjoy your stay with us!

Rain have luckily got a bye in the first week of the winter leg so they can enjoy an extra week of relaxation before having to face up against TTSDOTA2 in week2.

Stay tuned to the XTC site for more news regarding Rain in the Do Gaming League in the weeks to follow!

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