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Southern Barbarians final group stage match vs Italy

The Southern Barbarians have been chosen by the Battlefield Community to reprisent them in the ESL 10 v 10 NATIONS CHALLENGE.

The team made a name for themselves when they won the Cup of Nations in 2014 causing quite a stir both locally and internatoinally. ESL brining in the 50/50 rule again this year, means that the team from South Africa would get to play one round on a local server (lower ping) and then the next round on the international teams server (higher ping). This evens things out quite radically and the team is really excited for the opportunity to compete again.

The Southern Barbarians kicked off by facing Portugal, where they played on Zavod311 and Siege of Shangai. The team had a really convincing victory on all round and both maps played. Out playing the Portugese team completely.

Score vs Portugal

Zavod 311 448 / 0
Siege of Shangai 299 / 0

The team then went on to face Greece the following week on Golmud Railway and Rogue Transmission. Both these maps are heavily dominated by vehicle play (each map has an attack helicopter, 2 tanks and a jet).

The team is known for having a strong armor squad and ability, so they really came out with punshes flying and won with a massive margin vs the Greece side.

Score vs Greece

Golmud Railway 567 / 0
Rogue Transmission 532 / 0

The team moves on the face Italy in their final group match. At the moment the Southern Barbarians and Italy are both tied in the top two spots for their group. Having the number 1 seed in your group is crucial because it would allow you an "easier" seed in the play offs after the group stages. So the match vs Italy would be the biggest and most important match that the Southern Barbarians team has had to face. To top it off, looking at the results Italy had vs Greece and Portugal, and comparing it directly to our results, it just shows you how strong the Italian side really is this year. This match is sure to be a cracker.
The Italy scores below

Italy vs Portugal


Italy vs Greece


The match vs Italy is set to take place on Sunday, time needs to be confirmed but should either be 8/9pm, keep your eye on the Southern Barbarians facebook page for stream link and match details.

xTc is extremely proud of their 8 players who have bee nominated for the squad. Each map has a different line up, and the Southern Barbarians has a total of 24 squad members to choose from, having 8 of those members be from xTc makes us very proud.

The team is primarily made up of the top 6 teams at DGC in 2015. And with a lot of comminity input, the final team was revealed.

Good luck and have fun, don't forget to support the Southern Barbarians!

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